Culture, engagement and employee retention are pivotal to the success of any organisation – fostering a digital workplace could prove key to this success.

The traditional working model of companies hiring full-time employees who work a 9-5 job in the office is shifting. Greater flexibilities, ability to work remotely and access to collaborate at any time is proving critical to employee retention and the success of any organisation. Growing digitally has now become a necessity.

A recent study from IDC has found that many Australian and New Zealand companies are not proactive enough with their digital strategies and are in turn struggling to retain talent.

Data collected from IDC’s 2018 Asia/Pacific Future of Work Survey found that while 70% of organisations intended to grow digitally, only a quarter was actively spending on this initiative.

IDC A/NZ lead analyst Liam Landon explains, “By digitally transforming and utilising cutting edge technologies companies are finding not only improved market position but also improved work culture and talent retention.”

Engaging staff with greater technology and greater flexibilities through digital devices is key to a modern and highly engaged workplace. Technology plays a pivotal role in the way people connect and collaborate at work.

Here are three tips to create a digitally savvy organisation:

1. Build a culture that supports digital initiatives 

It’s important that organisations build a culture they want to see from the ground up. Ensuring employees have access to digital platforms, are educated on how to utilise these resources and can actively take part in workplace digital initiatives is key, to providing a culture that supports its technology.

For example, engaging a workplace communication tool such as Slack or Microsoft Teams to allow employees to communicate effectively even if staff members are absent. Or ensuring employees understand how to access systems remotely if they’re not working onsite.

2. Treat employees like customers

Whether B2C or B2B, as an organisation you’re there to please clients. But is your organisation treating its employees the same? As Richard Branson said, ‘I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.’

A huge asset to employee retention is by providing a supportive digital culture where team members feel connected and included. Create internal groups and platforms where staff can engage, even if they’re not physically in the office.

3. Be open to flexibility & ready to innovate

Support and incentivise your employees to put forward ideas on how your organisation can cope with digitisation and growth. Google is the perfect example of this initiative as the company endorses its employees to spend 20% of their time working on ideas and solutions for the future of Google.

A Microsoft survey found that despite a large portion of front-line staff saying they would welcome being involved in digital projects at work, very few ever are.

It’s now the perfect time to review the positive impact digital initiatives can have to your organisation – and organisations shouldn’t be afraid to engage staff in the process.