The Challenge

Wallmans was initially looking to reduce its printing costs as the current fleet was becoming expensive. The previous fleet of seven printers were older devices that were becoming less reliable and costly to run.

Wallmans was also restricted by the type of paper it could use as the older devices were unable to take recycled or special paper stocks.

The culmination of frustration around high printing costs, increasing maintenance and service calls, and inflexible leasing agreement, and ongoing consumable costs including paper and toners, ultimately led to Wallmans approaching Konica Minolta to help them assess their print environment.

Originally looking for ways to generate cost and process efficiencies relating to their printing, Wallmans were pleasantly surprised when they discovered the broader benefits of Konica Minolta’s environmental credentials which subsequently helped them win a major business sustainability award.


The Solution

Rationalise Wallmans printing fleet from seven outdated printers to six energy-efficient bizhub C654 devices was the first recommendation made by Konica Minolta. This enabled Wallmans to immediately start benefiting from energy savings. The bizhub C654 features a sophisticated and clever Eco Timer that automatically senses peak and off-peak times, switching into “sleep mode” and waking up when someone approaches the device. Simple eco-features can have a profound effect on energy usage.

There were also other Konica Minolta technology recommendations that impressed Wallmans Lawyers, including Konica Minolta devices having fewer curves throughout the paper output cycle which means they are less likely to jam.

Wallmans was also impressed with Konica Minolta’s toner technology. It adheres to a wider range of paper stocks which is particularly beneficial as it means they can now use recycled paper stocks that are a lot more cost-efficient.


The Result

Since upgrading and consolidating their printer fleet with Konica Minolta’s bizhub C654 devices, Wallmans have not only benefited from cost reductions but have profited from many other advantages – such as improved environmental efficiencies.

Rationalising the printing fleet from seven to six devices has saved the firm 1,000 KWH per annum alone which has shaved $250 off their annual power bill and will save 0.8 tonnes of carbon emissions (CO2) per annum.

Wallmans has since adopted many smart printing practices and implemented an environmental change management policy across the organisation. All printing devices have been set to double-sided B&W printing and they proactively recycle the devices’ printer cartridges through the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program.

Their smart printing practices are complemented with other environmental initiatives such as automatic lights that switch off at 6 pm, implementing extensive recycling of paper, glass and e-waste and adopting a digital archiving system. They now also proactively seek out suppliers who are committed to environmentally friendly practices and have taken a leadership positioning by hosting energy-efficient events in the building.

Wallmans currently has a 4.5-star energy efficiency rating but the goal is to be awarded a 5-star rating within the next 12 months.