Putting people first in a tech environment

Operating in the ICT sector can often mean you have technical people working on fixing technical problems. This is fine, but historically it has meant that customer service has been a secondary consideration. We understand how frustrating it can be to contact your technical service desk.

To break down the customer experience journey and map out every touchpoint from the moment a customer has an issue, to the moment a service desk analyst fixes the issue. What we found was the customer was often left out of communication, which created a sense of frustration and negatively impacted the overall experience.

This has left us with the realisation that customer experience must be put first in everything we do.

Our Helpdesk team has grown to ensure that our standards did not waver while going through a period of rapid growth, where we had to develop new corporate values and a purpose statement to reflect our customer-centric approach. We believe that we have achieved a level of customer service that is unrivalled in the technology industry simply by putting the customer first in every aspect of our operations.

Maintaining elite service standards

Keeping our team focused and enthusiastic about customer service takes a whole company approach. Internally, we champion those efforts that have gone above and beyond to ensure all our customers have a positive experience. There are little things that people do every day that really go a long way, which include promptly answering calls, the friendly way we greet our customers, our ability to make sure we understand the problem from our customers perspective and, doing our very best to try to resolve issues on the first call. We have set up an internal recognition system to make sure that actions like these never go without acknowledgment. Every time we witness a staff member delivering excellent customer service, we communicate this to the rest of our company.

All of what we have done wouldn’t be possible without the right people in the right roles. Even with the right policies and procedures in place, it wouldn’t work if our people didn’t have a customer service mindset. Finding the right people is the biggest challenge, even if that means having to decide between technical abilities and emotional intelligence. The one quality that we look for more than anything else is patience. We have found that people who are patient deliver high standards of service, regardless of the issue. Also, patient people have proven to be our best learners, constantly finding ways to improve themselves technically and emotionally.

Our path to becoming customer-focused

CT has always strived to be different, both internally and to differentiate us from our competitors. Our mission has always been to deliver a level of customer service that just isn’t seen in the IT industry. We follow a simple ten-step process which includes:

  1. Define what customer service means. What does excellent customer service look like?
  2. Communicate the message. Does everyone have the same expectation?
  3. Hire the right people. Do you currently have the right people in the right positions?
  4. Train to the standards. Is everyone ready to deliver excellent customer service?
  5. Make it compulsory. Why should I do it if the CEO doesn’t?
  6. Be a role model. Are your leaders setting the right examples?
  7. Empower your team. Does your team have the right workflows to make the customer smile?
  8. Recognise, recognise, recognise. Are you letting your people know they are doing a good job?
  9. Keep improving. If someone is not up to standard, are you giving them training or support?
  10. Celebrate the wins! Do your employees truly feel they are appreciated when they provide excellent customer service?