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1. We receive regular leadership and oversight from a Security Office for our cyber security
2. Our management of identity requirements keeps our data and systems secure on any device
3. All cyber security risks are exhaustively documented by our organisation
4. All staff are provided with regularly updated cybersecurity awareness training
5. Cyber threats are detected and mitigated in a timely fashion
6. Emerging cyber threats are prepared for within 24 hours, with regular patches and updates
7. Our systems and applications are delivered and supported by ISO 270001 certified suppliers
8. Our systems and applications are deliberately configured to reduce their attack surface
9. Only pre-approved operating systems and applications can execute on our systems
10. All cybersecurity incidents are identified and contained within 24 hours
11. Cybersecurity incidents are reported to relevant external bodies in a timely manner
12. We have up-to-date, documented, business continuity and disaster recovery plans