Here at CT, we believe that designing, building, and maintaining IT environments with a security-conscious manner is not optional, but rather a mandatory centrepiece of approach that must be considered in all aspects of IT.

Our teams work collaboratively to take a comprehensive approach to IT Security throughout the journey of the IT Solutions lifecycle. Our teams are provided with the necessary skills and resources to understand new and emerging threat trends, and the overall importance of IT security in modern systems and platforms.

The following diagram demonstrates how each of our teams play an important role in the consistent approach to IT Security.

Please note, the IT solution lifecycle, the design and implemented solutions are only available to customers with an active Managed Services and/or Managed Security Services agreement with CT.

Solutions Architects:
Our Solution Architects design and build in security from the beginning of the lifecycle, this means our teams firstly consider the best security solutions before being proposed.

Projects Team:
Our Projects Team are responsible for implementing the security elements designed during the implementation phase.

Managed Service Teams
For customers with our Managed Service coverage, our Managed Service teams work to continuously tune the solutions implemented by our Projects Team to ensure best practice and security protocols are maintained.

Security Operations Centre
Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) continuously monitor indicators of compromise (IOCs), these trigger alerts so we can assess and mitigate potential threats for our customers with Managed Security Service coverage.

Penetration Test
Through the professional services of a white hat hacker, we seek to exploit known vulnerabilities and risks within your IT environment to provide recommendations to further strengthen the security posture of our customers overall IT environment.


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