McCullough Robertson Lawyers is an Australian- grown independent law firm, with more than 90 years’ experience providing commercial legal solutions for individuals and organisations. McCullough Robertson has firms across Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Melbourne, with a team of professionals aligned with many industries to ensure a client-first practice.

With its team of experts and inclusive workplace, McCullough Robertson has been awarded a range of awards and certifications, including: The Legal 500 Asia Pacific Leading Firm 2020; Global Law Experts Annual Awards Winner 2020; Diversity and Inclusion – Equity Advocate Award Winner 2019; and WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality award.

“McCullough Robertson has made significantsavings on printing costs since switching to Konica Minolta. The Konica Minolta Valet service has been highly beneficial in ensuring printer uptime and that machines are always humming like they should be, cartridges are correct, and printing happens smoothly.”

Christian De Clara – Business Services Manager – Facilities and Operations at McCullough Robertson Lawyers


The Challenge 

McCullough Robertson had been using a third-party vendor for over a decade to look after its printing solutions but found this wasn’t the right strategy; it wanted a more direct approach to print management, as well as consistency of products, simplified device use and management, and reduced costs. To uphold McCullough Robertson’s values and client trust, it also needed to ensure client confidentiality was maintained when documents were printed.

After going to tender, McCullough Robertson narrowed the list of potential solutions down to three contenders; however, Konica Minolta and Y Soft provided the best value solution, and instilled confidence through the team’s demonstrated expertise.


The Solutions

Konica Minolta provided McCullough Robertson with a cost-effective solution that included a product range with consistent consumables and simplified device functionality. After initially trialling the proof-of-concept machine supplied by Konica Minolta for two weeks, McCullough Robertson was able to experience firsthand the benefits it delivered.

Konica Minolta then deployed 38 devices, a variety of the bizhub C658 and bizhub C558 models, in the Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle offices. Both multifunction models are similar and offer the same consumables; however, the bizhub C558 is a smaller, more compact machine, making it a more suitable choice for the firm’s reception areas.

All devices were also equipped with YSoft SafeQ secure print management software. This requires lawyers to use individual swipe cards to access and print their documents, limiting other parties from viewing confidential information. The software also provides McCullough Robertson with print reports that show how much printing was done, by whom, and what costs have been saved.

Christian De Clara, business services manager – facilities and operations, McCullough Robertson Lawyers, said,

“McCullough Robertson has a team of 350 people across three offices, so having consistency of products was an important factor, along with costs savings and ensuring client information remains confidential. Konica Minolta listened and addressed these factors. It provided a solution that was price-competitive, consistent, simplified, and incorporated secure-print management software.”


Customer benefits

McCullough Robertson has realised significant savings on printing costs, demonstrated in the YSoft SafeQ printing reports. The reports have also provided McCullough Robertson visibility on the printing behaviours of employees to ensure data and information are protected. The reports also let the firm see its impact on the environment and improve the sustainability efforts on which it reports to the Australian Government each year.

Using a consistent fleet of devices with similar functionalities and operations, employees at McCullough Robertson have been able to adjust to using the new print devices with ease. The machines have had no downtime, which had previously been an issue with the firm’s older machines, and the Konica Minolta Valet service has ensured the machines are always printing smoothly.

With a personalised swipe card, lawyers can also ensure documents remain confidential, only being handled by approved parties. As lawyers return to offices following the impact of COVID-19, Y Soft’s print roaming, also known as pull printing, lets users print from any printer. Swipe cards are also proving valuable by limiting people’s need to touch device screens.

Christian De Clara said,

“McCullough Robertson has made significant savings on printing costs since switching to Konica Minolta. The Konica Minolta Valet service has been highly beneficial in ensuring printer uptime and that machines are always humming as they should be, cartridges are correct, and printing happens smoothly.

“Konica Minolta has looked after McCullough Robertson since day one, proving to have the best interests of the firm at heart and constantly delivering a high-quality service. A strong relationship has been built with the team from Konica Minolta, who is always available to answer questions or provide support.”

Through a tailored approach to a printing solution, Konica Minolta has ensured that the reputation of McCullough Robertson remains impeccable, with the confidence that information will remain confidential, while delivering a simplified solution for lawyers and delivering significant cost savings.