Managed Print Services

Our Managed Print Service allows you to control expenses by outsourcing the management of your fleet of printers, providing better printing, device servicing, document management and document security.



We are all quite familiar with printers and how they are still a vital staple of an efficient organisation’s daily operations. Similarly, we all have not such fond memories of printer errors, absent ink, toner or paper or simply being unable to connect a device to the printer right when you needed it most.

Managed Print Services takes away these daily issues and makes your printer a reliable office ally rather than foe, regardless of where your office is now located in 2021. 

By handing over your print services’ management responsibilities to CT, you have experienced print professionals taking the reins and ensuring the best outcomes for your organisation regarding cost, resource reliability, efficiency, performance, and even environmental considerations.


Manage your Costs

CT provides you with the flexibility to purchase devices outright or bundle the device lease costs into the monthly service costs, improving cash flow and maintaining flexibility, even if a current contract needs to be paid out!

Free up Resources

The average IT department spends up to 15% of their time on print-related issues.  CT removes this, allowing your internal IT staff to focus on core applications and infrastructure.

Boost Productivity

CT provides a preventative maintenance strategy combined with an automatic supply restocking program that ensures your fleet is always operating consistently. Our ongoing review process also ensures that the service provided can be changed over time to meet your organisation’s needs.

Environmental Benefit

Proactive management of your printer fleet enables strategising around the reduction of your carbon footprint. Effective fleet implementation with a user-friendly focus ensures fewer errors, which ultimately means less paper used and more trees spared.

The CT Managed Print Framework

Strategic Advice

Our Managed Print specialists are on hand to keep your questions answered and your service optimised.

Usage Analytics

Our proactive monitoring platform utilises analytics over time to suggest improvements throughout the life of your service agreement.

Single Point of Contact

Our Managed Print Service provides you a single point of contact for all things print, backed up by our award winning team.

Proactive Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art monitoring ensures low toner and maintenance error codes are a thing of the past, maximising your uptime.

An all encompassing approach to printing services within your organisation

Device Hardware

Choose from hardware across our variety of models from supported vendors that suit your specific needs.


Print consumables like toner and drum cartridges are automatically delivered by our team once current supplies drop below 25%.

Parts and Labour Maintenance

Parts and Labour Maintenance is also included in your Managed Print Service with on-site visits from qualified service technicians provided when necessary.


Our Managed Print Service enables you to budget your print related spend as an operational expense through a variety of financial options.

Managed Print Support

We provide the several methods for you to conveniently submit a Service Request to our team so
that we can action it as quickly as possible. The methods for submission include:

Phone Support

Unlike many service providers, we support customers calling our Service Desk team. Wait times average under 1 minute so we can provide immediate assistance.

Support Portal

Lodge your Service Requests directly into our system for processing to easily review past and present Service Request statuses, as well as invoices for those with authorisation.

Email Support

Our Service Desk also accepts emails, lodging you a ticket automatically from your emailed request enabling a text-based option for lodging issues. 

In-Person Support

While our Service Desk can handle most enquiries, onsite support is available with certified technicians during standard business hours.

Print Savings Calculator


Estimated Annual Print Cost


Potential Savings

*Please note that this calculator provides indicative pricing/savings only. A final figure is dependent on an assessment made by our print specialists in consultation with you.

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