As one of Australia’s leading creative design agencies, Optimo relies on CT to improve security, infrastructure and backup and disaster recoveries for all their web hosting needs.

Established in 1998, Optimo Design is a creative design agency, fully owned and operated in Australia. With multiple sites located in Sydney and Auckland, their headquarters are located in Melbourne. Optimo Design offers strategy, design, and digital services with a multi-faceted approach, proven processes, and diverse skills to deliver strong results to clients.

Today, Optimo Design is working to create smart ideas that drive action and results to their clients across Australia and internationally.

Business challenge

In addition to its public-facing website, Optimo Design provides access to files and digital resources through an online client portal. This portal requires secure access, fast upload and download of large files and user-based permissions. Optimo Design has a small team of IT staff who were responsible for the management and performance of their Web Hosting environment. However, with the business rapidly growing, the team were unable to support and balance the management, performance and securities of their technology environment. Some of the challenges they faced included server redundancies, vulnerabilities to risks and threats due to poor security and backup and disaster recovery solutions, minimal bandwidth availability and the lack of resources saw an increase in downtime and frustration between staff and customers.

With significant growth, scale and complexity of the work Optimo Design were undertaking, they needed a robust Web Hosting solution that was able to provide constant support and monitoring of their servers, ensure the protection and security of valuable digital assets and customer data, and support immediate and long term business needs. Through an existing client, Optimo Design was introduced to CT and asked for a full audit and evaluation into their Web Hosting environment.

Web Hosting is a service that helps store website data and files onto a web server. A Web Hosting provider has the ability to provide the technologies and services needed to maximise the performance and delivery of files and data for a website to be viewed on the internet. There are many types of web-hosting services, which includes shared, dedicated, VPS and reseller. These types are differentiated by the kind of technology used for the service and the level of management and support provided.

How we helped

CT’s Web Hosting services are one of Australia’s most interconnected network with comprehensive capabilities that ensures uptime and security are controlled. With private and secure servers, CT centralises technology requirements with a range of service offerings and products, that include enterprise-grade internet and cloud services, integrating to any website needs.

Working collaboratively with Optimo Design, CT was able to evaluate and determine existing IT infrastructure, systems and applications to provide an alternative solution, whilst ensuring independent and scalable technology. They strategically planned and set up new IT infrastructure, systems and processes, such as firewalls, servers and disaster recovery solutions to ensure maximum performance and control.  CT was also able to seamlessly migrate existing data and users to new systems with minimal disruptions to the business.

With access to first point resolution, CT was also able to provide 24/7 monitoring, and 365-day support to Optimo’s infrastructure and web hosting servers, allowing the business to offload IT operations and server management without any further disruptions to their customers.

With a fully managed Web Hosting service, CT extends to provide operating systems and application updates, and complete server administration.

Optimo opted for CT’s dedicated Web Hosting services due to its flexibilities and control. More scalable options allowed the business to fully customise software and hardware infrastructure to their Web Hosting environment, with the guarantee of performance and security.

CT’s dedicated hosting benefits include:

  • Optimo Design has full access to the processing power and storage of a server, without the constraints of sharing server space with other clients.
  • Safeguard critical data and customer information with their servers facilitated in a military-grade data centre, to ensure maximum protection from threats and vulnerabilities to risk.
  • With flexible and scalable server options, Optimo Design can easily manage system configurations and upgrade server space without the need to migrate to a new server.
  • Significant reduction to recovery times and downtime with CT’s enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution, that is supported within a private cloud environment.
  • Increased efficiencies across the business, from streamlining IT Operations with a single Web-Hosting provider.


CT’s dedicated server solution offers Optimo Design a completely secure and fully managed technology environment with high availabilities to servers, databases, firewalls and data backup and recoveries. The results include,

  • Enabled Optimio Design with the flexibilities to securely scale up and down to handle planned and unplanned traffic spikes
  • Drastically reduced day-to-day infrastructure and security operations to allow the business to focus on achieving business goals
  • Minimised vulnerabilities to risks and improved credibility with customers, with reliable and scalable security solutions
  • Reduced costs and overhead while increasing the performance of its technology platform with constant monitoring and management provided by an expert team of System Engineers
  • Improved ability to safeguard client data and end-user data with environment hosted in a military-grade data centre to meet all their compliance requirements
  • Full access to an award-winning service desk team to ensure clear transparencies and communications of their IT environment.

“We had one of our internal servers compromised, and CT were able to quickly assist us with fixing this.” – Terence Ho

The relationship between Optimo Designs and CT is built on trust and reliability. With their web-hosting needs taken care of, Optimo Designs continue to provide their clients with the best and innovative digital designs for all their website needs.

Since on-boarding Web-hosting services from CT, Optimo designs are currently working with CT in their next initiative.