The National Transport Commission (NTC) is working with CT to achieve its digital goals.

NTC leads the national land transport reform in support of Australian Governments to improve safety, productivity, environmental outcomes, and regulatory efficiency. NTC is located in Melbourne and currently employs more than 40 staff members.

The organisation collaborates and consults with a wide range of stakeholders and is responsible for developing and propose national consistent land transport reforms, and monitor, maintain, amend, and review national ad model laws and other instruments.

Its vision, that our land transport systems improve the living standards of all Australians.

The Background

The Australian Government released the ‘Digital Continuity 2020 Policy’ which supported digital transformation initiatives and driving e-Government. With more organisations making the move towards a digital workplace, NTC was looking to enhance its technologies. They required simple and stable systems that could store, share, and report documents and information, and avenues to engage and consult with stakeholders. Robert Fois, the ICT Manager of NTC, compiled a list of strategies that outlined the goals the organisation wanted to achieve through updating its technology and processes.

Going into tender, NTC wanted to work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who was able to support and align themselves with the organisations ICT goals and pathways. CT won the tender based on their comprehensive Managed Service solution and customer-centric approach. CT was able to tailor and outline strategies to meet the required components of the organisation’s digital transformation pathways and initiatives. In addition, CT’s customer-focused approach also delivered high levels of service excellence and support to NTC.

“The interview with Adam and his team was professional and customer-focused” – Robert Fois

The Solution

To begin, CT focused on delivering two primary solutions which included, first being, working collaboratively with NTC to onboard Managed Services and, to quickly empower staff members with the ability to access an award-winning support team for all their technical needs. Secondly, move NTC’s critical data to CT datacentres for maximum usability and configure and deploy Office365 as a modern, productive tool to support digital workflows across the organisation.

“CT worked through options that were specifically tailored to NTC requirements.” – Robert Fois

The team at CT performed audits to gain deep insight into the organisation’s IT environment, whilst ensuring minimal disturbances to its staff. With the results obtained from this audit, CT was able to configure and standardise core network infrastructure, systems, and process to improve operational efficiencies. The team at CT also provisioned and deployed new hardware running a full Office365 operating system, and with a team of 40 staff members working at NTC, each was provided with a new Microsoft SurfacePro laptop to support their transition.

CT’s Managed IT Service offering is a comprehensive and all-encompassing outsourced model with the ability to obtain an IT department with minimal in-house resources. To facilitate ICT within the business, CT has incorporated five core elements that include,

  • Training and Development

CT has a wide array of training videos and tutorials tailor produced by CT teams and vendors, with a focus on achieving technical efficiencies across the organisation and the aim to reduce reactive tickets. End-users of NTC was taken through a collection of in-depth technical training that included Offfice365 systems and applications, and how to access CT for support.

  • Support

As part of their Managed Services, CT acts as a central and primary point of contact for technical support to NTC. CT’s award-winning Service Desk team provide remote assistance and using the functions which include phone, email or chat through CT’s support platform, Liberty Console. NTC is further supported with onsite visits from CT’s DSO team, who visit its sites weekly to provide onsite technical assistance where needed.

  • Proactive Monitoring

The team at CT have configured and deployed remote monitoring and management platforms to core infrastructure and network components to NTC’s IT environment. These platforms have been designed to monitor on a 24/7 basis, providing CT with insights and reports to the overall functionality of NTC’s network, systems, and platforms. The platform will also detect and alert issues that may impact the organisation’s technologies, allowing the SOC and NOC teams at CT to proactively respond and resolve these issues.

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery

With its critical data stored in CT’s data centre, CT will ensure the organisation’s data integrity, continuity, and ability to withstand a disaster with the management of backup and disaster recovery platforms. CT will also continuously provide NTC with advice on the improvements, and resilience to their platforms and IT environment.

  • Strategic Advice

CT has provided a dedicated VcIO to help NTC plan IT strategies with a focus on reducing risks and improving the operational efficiencies across their organisation.

The Outcomes

One of the major success factors for NTC was having a Managed Service solution tailored by a strong technology partner. Throughout the engagement, the CT team have worked with the organisation to ensure the right fit and smooth implementation.

“CT is a good fit for us at NTC. They’re not too big or small. CT and NTC share similar qualities, they are flexible and agile.” – Robert Fois

With support underway, NTC has seen improvements in productivity and uptime. CT’s onshore remote Service Desk team has made it easier for users to contact IT support without worrying about how long or if their issues were going to be resolved in time.

NTC staff members were able to collaborate amongst themselves using Office365 online tools for real-time results, allowing for better workflow efficiencies both remotely and onsite. In addition, with the roll-out of new hardware provisioned by CT, decreased latency, and lead to better user satisfaction.

The organisation is able is flexibly access its critical data without the worry of data loss or failure, and focus on achieving its objectives with its data securely stored into CT’s data centre and backup and disaster recovery platforms configured to its IT environment.

With improved technologies and processes, NTC can continue to move forward in their digital pathways, creating better workflow and operational efficiencies using innovation, with the help of its dedicated VcIO.

Since successfully onboarding Managed Services from CT, NTC is working with CT to work on its next key digital initiatives.