CT helps Bill Australia adopt MPLS and VoIP systems, introducing improved internet and communication efficiencies across their entire business.

Fully owned and operated in Australia, Billi was first established in 1989. The business has built its foundations on providing energy-efficient filtered water systems that offer the very best in innovation, performance, and reliability, instantly, at your fingertips. In 1993, Billi was the first to pioneer and launch the world’s first under bench boiling and chilled filtered water system.

Billi has a full complimentary range of water filtration products for domestic to commercial systems that include boiling, chilled, sparkling, still and filtered water. Preferred by designers and architects for their elegance, energy efficiencies and space-saving designs, Billi is one of Australia’s best in manufacturing and delivering filtered water systems.

Today, Billi is eco-focused with a commitment to provide quality, service, and innovation to the world.

Business Challenge

Billi has worked hard to build its reputation as the world’s leaders in filtration products and staying ahead depends increasing on robust technology. Billi was previously working with an outsourced Internet Service Provider (ISP) who were responsible for providing the business with fast and reliable internet access. With the repaid technology change, heavy end-user support demand, and high network infrastructure redundancies, Billi’s ISP was unable to support and grow with the technology the business needed.

With constant internet outages, poor customer support and legacy VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems, saw an increase in downtime, effecting workflow, communication, and collaboration efficiencies. With over 180 staff members and multiple sites located in VIC, NSW, QLD, and SA, it was critical for Billi to ensure reliable and robust internet systems were made accessible to staff across the business.

Billi needed a solution that was able to unify their technology, and with their existing Managed Services with CT, the team at CT extended to provide support and detailed reports outlining the solutions to their internet issues. As Billi’s prefered technology partner and familiarity with their technology environment, CT was able to help the business balance and grow with their technologies.

How we helped

Working alongside Billi, CT was able to easily identify the pain points and recommend a robust and scalable solution that included, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and 3CX VoIP system to ensure maximum internet performance, bandwidth availabilities and communication efficiencies across the business.

An MPLS network is a type of data-carrying technique for high-performance telecommunications networks. This technology enables the connectivity of multiple sites into a single private network effectively like running an extension cord from one site to another reducing the ability for other factors on the Internet to impact the service.

In addition to MPLS, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a phone system hosted in the cloud and managed by an organisation’s Internet provider. VOIP removes the need for individual phone lines as each employee can have their own virtual connection and can be reached across any device, whether that be mobile or desktop.

To begin, CT completed a series of project kick-off meetings to discuss projects outcomes and timelines to ensure successful delivery of MPLS and 3CX VoIP system solutions. A hand over was completed by Billi’s previous ISP and allowed the team at CT to commence a deep dive discovery into Billi’s network. All findings were documented into a State of Environment (SOE) report and presented to Billi, listing all the necessary improvements, updates and configurations to their network. Once the SOE report had been confirmed and signed off by Billi, network configurations began ensuring standardisation across their IT environment and 3CX training was provided to all Billi staff members.

“We choose an MPSL because we wanted to unify our sites, as this didn’t exist prior to CT.” – Adam Marriott

Now with new and updated network infrastructure, Billi saw an improvement to network stability, connectivity and uptime which allowed staff members to access the internet seamlessly without any disruptions. With a new MPSL solution in place, CT’s dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) is able to ensure connectivity is being constantly monitored, and that the routing of the network is functioning as intended.

3CX is a flexible and integrable communication tool that helps users increase productivity and mobility. With a new VoIP system successfully adopted by users, Billi saw an improvement in communication and workflow efficiencies across their multiple locations.

CT’s Managed MPLS offering incorporates a fully managed routing device which will be located on-premise and provides the team at CT with a demarcation point as to where CT’s responsibility ends and to where Billi’s responsibilities begin.

CT Maintained
• Internet Or MPLS
• Cable provider NTU
• QoS Routing Monitoring
Billi Maintained
• Private / 30
• Public / 32
• NAT Security Public IP

Billi has worked collaboratively with CT and successfully adopting the MPLS solution and 3CX VoIP system in addition to there existing Managed Services. CT was able to identify and solve complex connectivity, performance and network issues by building a robust and scalable network solution that improved workflow, communication and end-user experience. The results also included,

  • Installed and configured new network infrastructure and hardware to ensure maximum scalability.
  • Maximised bandwidth availabilities to allow users to access fast and reliable internet services, without disruptions to workflow and their customers.
  • Enhanced communication and significantly improved mobile working capabilities, with a flexible 3CX VoIP solution tailored to their needs.
  • Significantly reduced network congestion and latency between multiple locations.

“We call one number and we get support.” – Adam Marriott

CT has provided Billi with ongoing, award-winning support, with access to the Help Desk and Network Engineering teams who provide  24×7 monitoring and 365day support anytime and anywhere. This is also supported with weekly onsite visits from CT’s Desktop Support Officers (DSO’s) to maximise operational efficiencies across the business.

The relationship between Billi and CT is built on the foundations of reliability, trust, and performance. CT has continuously been able to provide on-going support and strategic advice to ensure all avenues of Billi’s technology environment are explored to further enhance technological efficiencies and pathways across their business.

Today, Billi is working to further maximise their Managed Services with CT by exploring new technological opportunities, allowing them to focus on the continual growth of their business.