Braemar College entrusts CT to provide support and fully manage their technology, while they focus on providing a contemporary learning approach to their students.

Opening in 1975, Braemar College has two campuses, the historic Braemar House, which is located near the iconic Hanging Rock and, their newly opened Woodend Campus. The school have committed to respecting a diversity of beliefs and offer a vibrant and tolerant education to young students.

With over 1000 students, provided with a unique and nurturing community to grow and flourish, Braemar College also offers vocational training opportunities, and extensive arts and sporting programs.

Business Challenge

The three-member IT staff of Braemar College were responsible for supporting more than 1025 staff members and students, and the management and performance of the school’s technology environment. However, as the rate of change increased, the team were unable to balance management and support of their technologies. Some of the challenges they faced included, significant delays due to constant wireless network outages, complications with 1:1 device management, internet accessibility across their two locations combined with technological redundancies, caused an increase in downtime and frustration amongst staff and students.

With continuous reactionary solutions and the growing concerns around the performance and management of their wireless network and IT environment, Braemar College needed to work with a partner who was able to able to fully support, manage and monitor their technology. The school contacted CT to conduct an audit of their network environment and technology performance.

How we helped

With more than 14 years of experience delivering IT solutions to the education sector in Victoria, CT was familiar with the issues and challenges the school was experiencing with their technology and its environment. Like others, Braemar College needed to remove the friction between their school and its technology to ensure operational efficiencies and achieve teaching and learning outcomes. CT helped Braemar College lower the cost of IT management, increase uptime with better network infrastructure while providing continuous support to staff and students with their Managed Service Solution.

The team at CT were able to access and identify existing IT systems and applications used by the school and provide an alternative solution that offers high availabilities and scalable technologies. CT was able to remove the pain points in the school’s technology environment through a series of audits that helped CT gain insight and build solutions to the school’s networks, core infrastructure systems, files and print access, applications and SOE.  These solutions included the planning, set up and configuration of new IT infrastructure, systems, applications, and hardware devices to ensure maximum performance and usability across the school’s technology environment.

CT’s Managed IT Service offering is a comprehensive and all-encompassing outsourced model with the ability to obtain an IT department with minimal in-house resources. To facilitate ICT within the school, CT has incorporated five core elements that include, training and development, support, proactive monitoring, backup and disaster recovery and strategic advice.

CT’s Managed IT Service benefits include:

  • On-going and in-depth training provided to the school to ensure technical efficiencies to reduce the number of reactive incidents.
  • Access to an award-winning support team who quickly respond to alerts and provide clear communication and transparences to staff and students of Braemar College.
  • A robust and resilient backup and disaster recovery solution were implemented to ensure the school’s critical data, continuity and ability to withstand threats and disaster.
  • Improved IT infrastructure configured to allow scalability and flexibilities to support the school’s growth.
  • Maximised operational efficiencies and reduce risk with proactive monitoring platforms implemented to ensure uptime and operational efficiencies.

“CT was quick to find our wireless capability in very poor condition, and we were quick to employ them to contact these wireless issues, configurations and channel overlap.”


Since first onboarding CT back in 2016, Braemar College has seen an increase in technological efficiencies across their two campuses, cost-saving benefits and more positive end-user experiences.

With Managed Services fully adopted by the school, CT was able to successfully meet the school’s criteria by tailoring a Managed Service solution to their specific needs. The results include,

  • Significant reductions to network outages with a robust wireless network solution, capable of supporting traffic fluctuations.
  • Improved visibility, control, and management of their technology supported by a team of on-shore technical experts.
  • Increased uptime with round the clock support provided to staff and students, easily accessible through phone, email or CT support platform, Liberty Console.
  • Seamless 1:1 device management and provisioning allow teachers and staff to focus on achieving teaching and learning outcomes.
  • Improved operational efficiencies with on-going support and strategic advice provided by CT’s VcIO, education specialists.

Confidence and trust are the foundation that builds the relationship between Braemar College and CT. CT has been able to continuously provide Braemar College with support and strategic advice to maximise their technologies and explore innovative pathways to enhance their educational goals.

Today, Braemar College is working with CT to maximise their IT environment by onboarding Managed Print Services. This solution is a flexible on-demand driven model that has been designed to enhance the school’s operations and printing efficiencies.