Blue Rock adopts MSP, HaaS, VoIP, DCaaS and ISP with the support from CT

Founded in 2008, BlueRock is an entrepreneurial advisory firm, its core mission, to add value into their client’s world wherever they can.

BlueRock has eleven primary business offerings with specialised divisions that work together to meet their client’s needs, these include, Accounting, Digital, Law, Private Wealth, Placemaking, Data Intelligence, Finance, Insurance, Insurance and Tax and SMSF.

Today, BlueRock continues to focus on helping entrepreneurs and business owners grow their ideas using innovation.

Business Challenge

BlueRock was previously working with a local Managed Service Provider (MSP) who was responsible for managing and supporting its people, hardware, networks, internet services, securities and its overall IT environment. However, with the IT resources limited to technical skills and availabilities, its previous MSP was unable to support and manage the company’s technologies. BlueRock was experiencing frequent network outages due to outdated hardware and infrastructure, internet congestions caused connectivity issues and poor technical support increased wait times that frustrated staff and customers. With poor support combined with short term fixes to their hardware and network issues, concerns around reliability and performance of its previous MSP increased.

With over 170 employees, BlueRock needed a Managed Service solution tailored to their business’s whilst enabling operational efficiencies,  business workflow and customer satisfaction. BlueRock engaged CT to conduct an audit into their technology environment,  ultimately choosing to partner with CT due to its award-winning support team.

How we helped

Following several meetings with BlueRock, CT re-designed their IT environment with the foundations of a Managed Service Solution combined with the following service,

  • Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

    A service helps maintain all business hardware upgrades, maintenance and management to ensure scalability and performance across BlueRock.

  • Voice-as-a-Service (VoIP)

    A robust and cost-effective telephone system that enables collaboration and remote efficiencies to the staff at BlueRock.

  • DataCentre-as-a-Service (DCaaS)

    A reliable and secure enterprise service tailored to meet BlueRock’s mission-critical data criteria.

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)

    Empowering BlueRock users with reliable and fast connectivity whilst reducing downtime.

To begin onboarding CT, a series of project kick-off meetings were taken place at BlueRock. CT Project Coordinators were able to discuss and confirm project timelines and tasks, whilst building a better understanding of the business’s operations and its various departments. After successfully handover from BlueRock’s previous MSP, CT was able to obtain all administration access and credentials, allowing them to perform a deep dive discovery into BlueRock’s IT environment. All the insights and data gained from this discovery were developed into a State of Environment (SOE) report for BlueRock to review and confirm. The SOE report is a comprehensive document that outlines all the necessary updates and configurations that are needed to achieve maximum performance and efficiencies across BlueRock’s technological environment.

Once confirmed, the team at CT were able to run multiple technical training sessions with BlueRock users, this included how to reach CT for support through phone, email, and using CT liberty Console. After successful completion, BlueRock users can now utilise multiple avenues to contact CT for IT support.

CT was able to successfully configure and automate BlueRock’s IT environment, whilst meeting all SOE and industry standards. This has significantly reduced downtime and other technical vulnerabilities the business experienced due to network outages and poor performance.

The team at CT focuses on providing continuous operational improvements across BlueRock’s IT environment. A program called Mission Zero help drive the development of processes and support structures that result in zero reactive tickets needing to be lodged by BlueRock users. This enables CT to proactively deliver high levels of employee productivity, create value and maximise efficiencies. This new strategic approach demonstrates high levels of processes of continuous improvement, that include,

  • Identify

    CT will identify and advise opportunities in BlueRock’s process workflows.

  • Plan

    CT will create plans to improve the processes used by BlueRock to ensure maximum technological efficiencies across their business.

  • Execute

    The team at CT will implement improved changes to BlueRock’s IT environment.

  • Review

    Once completed, CT will review the changes that were implemented and analyse how effective the improvements have been to BlueRock’s IT environment.


With the help of CT, BlueRock has been able to successfully adopt a Managed Service Solution, combined with HaaS, VoIP, DCaaS and ISP, that ensures reliability, performance, scalability, and management across their entire IT environment.

“We experience instant results, with staff able to log in to the system in less than 10 seconds. Reliability had significantly decreased, while team productivity began to skyrocket.” – Dean Godfrey, COO

CT has been able to eliminate outages and poor collaboration efficiencies caused by network legacy and remote accessibility issues, by building a strong and robust network system, allowing for fast and easy VPN access. Introducing a new VoIP system has also eliminated communication barriers between staff, boosting communication and new ways of working efficiencies across the business.

With CT’s award-winning Service Desk, BlueRock has seen a significant reduction in downtime and an increase in technological efficiencies across the business. With an estimated 1.7hours saved per team member each day, CT has empowered BlueRock users with confidence in their technology.

Secure and up-to-date technologies ensure maximum scalability and performance across the business, allowing for BlueRock to focus on growing and achieving their goals whilst attending to all their customer’s needs.

Currently, BlueRock is working with CT to continuously explore innovation opportunities, that allows the business to focus their continual growth and development.