Since first onboarding CT, Biggin & Scott are able to maximise cost-saving solutions and reap the benefits of a highly qualified IT team, who manage and support all their technological needs.

Established in Prahran during the 1890 property boom, TGL Scott wanted to establish and build a reliable, trustworthy, honest and professional real estate business.

Biggin & Scott are highly experienced in all aspects of real estate and have eight primary offerings that are made available and delivered to people across Australia, this includes residential, commercial, sales, auction, leasing, property management, body corporates and home loans.

Today, Biggin & Scott focuses on using innovation to further enhance and support their customers in real estate.

Business Challenge

Biggin & Scott’s contract with its existing Managed Service Provider (MSP) was due to expire. For more than 25 years, its MSP was responsible for managing and monitoring its IT and provide support to the business. The demand for technological efficiencies such as mobility and remote working capabilities and support was growing, even with their long-standing relationship, its previous MSP was unable to support this over time.

With continual short-term fixes and no solution in sight, Biggin & Scott continued to experience significant delays and an increase in downtime due to several network outages, at least two per day. A growing number of poorly managed desktops and mobile devices, with a variety of operating systems and application, saw an increase in demand for support and frustrations amongst staff and their customers.

Biggin & Scott needed a Managed Service solution that was provided by an MSP who was forward-thinking and able to provide scalable options to meet their current and future technological needs. CT was able to extend and offer a Managed IT Solution that was able to minimise their issues whilst providing flexible support options. Biggin & Scott decided to review their technology pathways with CT due to their award-winning support team and cost-effective solution.

“CT get how we work here at Biggin & Scott Richmond, and they tailor the solution to meet our needs.” – Michelle Carter

How we helped

For Biggin & Scott to successfully onboard CT, CT Project Coordinators completed a series of project tasks that spanned across 140 days. This began with project kick-off meetings that discussed and confirmed timelines and outcomes. A hand over from their previous MSP was also completed and CT was able to successfully gain administrator access that included credentials, domain, hardware and IT related portals. This allowed CT to commence audits to discover and gain further insight into Biggin & Scott’s  IT environment.

A State of IT Environment Report (SOE) was provided to Biggin & Scott, once signed off and confirmed this allowed CT to begin the seamless transitions of users to CT support. Over multiple sessions, CT staff trained Biggin & Scott users in how to reach CT for support, this included calling, email and using Liberty Console. After successful completion, users can now utilise multiple avenues to contact CT for IT support. With support underway, the team at CT were able to configure and standardise Biggin & Scott’s IT environment to meet best practice and industry standards.

CT was able to successfully configure and automate Biggin & Scott’s entire fleet of hardware and network infrastructure, whilst ensuring SOE was consistent and retained throughout their IT environment. This significantly improved visibility and management of hardware and reduced vulnerabilities to unexpected outages across their network. Detailed documentation was kept up to date and provided to Biggin & Scott monthly to ensure clear transparencies across their IT environment.

CT’s Managed IT Service offering is a comprehensive and all-encompassing outsourced model. CT create value and maximise efficiencies with a new strategic approach that includes five core elements such as Training and Development, Support, Proactive Monitoring, Backup and Disaster Recovery and Strategic Advice.

CT’s Managed Service benefits include:

  • Access to an award-winning support team who is able to provide 24/7 monitoring and unlimited business hour support to Biggin & Scott users.
  • Tailored training and development courses provided to end-users to ensure technical efficiencies and reduce reactive tickets.
  • Flexible and scalable backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure the businesses critical data is recovered quickly and securely without risk.
  • Dedicated VcIO, with extensive technical experience, provided to Biggin & Scott to explore IT strategies to reduce risks and improve operations efficiencies across the business.

CT has worked collaboratively with Biggin & Scott to successfully adopted a Managed Service solution that ensures reliability, support, management and cost-savings across their IT environment.

“Having CT available to all our staff is an added benefit, which we don’t take for granted.” – Michelle Carter

The team at CT were able to eliminate frequent network outages and improve remote working capabilities by building a robust network infrastructure. With a scalable network and technological flexibilities, staff are now able to easily and quickly access the VPN network, which saw a significant increase in staff uptime and productivity.

With access to an award-winning Service Desk team and continuous end-user training support, Biggin & Scott has seen a significant reduction to wait times and reactive tickets according to SLA. Weekly visits from CT’s Desktop Support Officers (DSO’s) have maximised efficiencies across the business resulting in more positive end-user experiences.

“We are loving CT and adore the customer experience” – Michelle Carter

CT’s VcIO’s has also been able to consistently support Biggin & Scott’s technology environment whilst providing strategic advice, to explore technological opportunities to further enhance business efficiencies and pathways.

Today, Biggin & Scott are working to further maximise their IT environment by working with CT to on-board Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) model. In addition to hardware management, this model will provide further flexibilities by allowing the business to consistently obtain the most update to date technology.