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Set your school up for network success in 2022

Kick off 2022 on the right note with our Wireless Network Performance Audit Report conducted by certified Network Engineers — for free!

Surprisingly, schools are quite difficult to design effective networks for. You have to account for interference from buildings, outdoor areas, evacuation points, bus ranks, and many others.

Backed by our history of serving the education sector, we’re experts at designing school networks that deliver the best user experience for students, staff and other stakeholders.

If you’ve been experiencing significant Wi-Fi downtime, getting a report on your network performance can be an important first step to improvement. Alternatively, if you’re looking to upgrade your service, this can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current network.

What does the Audit Report involve?

We’ll send out our specialised wireless engineers to your site, where they’ll go over your school grounds and conduct the audit using industry-recognised site survey technology.

We will prepare your full report with visual explanations on your network’s strengths and areas for improvement. The onsite survey usually takes around a day, depending on the size of your school.

We analyse and check:

Signal Strength

Sometimes called coverage, your signal strength is the most basic requirement for your wireless network. As a general guide, low signal strength means unreliable connection.

Signal-to-Noise ratio

This metric indicates the relationship between your signal strength and the noise (co-channel interference) in your network. This ratio must be positive for data transfer to be possible.

Access Points

We will track the number of access points audible at each location in your school. Access points connect to a router or switch and give Wi-Fi access to students and staff in that area.

Data Rate

The data rate is the highest possible speed at which wireless devices can transmit data. Typically, your true data throughput is less than half the data rate.

Measured Throughput

Throughput is the amount of data that is successfully sent and received over a timeframe. Our report includes the real-time measured throughput to help you understand your actual network performance.

Channel Interference

Channel interference indicates the number of access pints that overlap at each location in a single channel.

CT in Education

We have a long and storied history in the education sector — in fact, our CEO Adam Centorrino comes from a family full of teachers and founded the company to help schools with their technology needs.

15 years later, we now work with over 50 schools throughout Australia and have an Academy department exclusively dedicated to helping schools with their IT.

With such a strong focus on education, many of our services have been customised for the education sector, including infrastructure services (including networks, switches, routers, servers and cloud), device procurement, Synergetic consulting, customised projects, and cyber security solutions.

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