CT's Vulnerability Scanning Service encompasses the use of tools to scan and identify threats in the environment. These scans use a variety of data sources to determine if systems are affected by known weaknesses.

The CT Difference

With cyber incidents evolving at a fast rate, many organisations lack an up-to-date view of weaknesses in their network, applications and systems. 

Our Vulnerability Assessment Service continually scans your environment to determine if systems are affected by known weaknesses. Systems that are affected by these weaknesses have the potential to be exploited in a targeted or large-scale attack. Our assessment service identifies, categorises and prioritises risks to fix such as Weaknesses in Network design or configuration, Outdated security policies, Insecure applications and platforms, App code flaws, and Malware.

End to End Support

Our award-winning support team is here to provide immediate help when required.

24/7 Coverage

Coordinated attacks require total vigilance, regardless of time. Our Cybersecurity centre provides 24/7 coverage to give an immediate response to an attack.

Threat Analysis

Generally, most issues picked up by vulnerability scans are false positives and wading through these is a challenge. Our cybersecurity team analyse all issues, eliminating incorrect responses and focusing on real vulnerabilities.


We track every vulnerability from initial scans to issue remediation, ensuring your infrastructure remains secure.

Our Vulnerability Assessment Services supports your organisation by providing:

Scanning Coverage

We scan corporate websites and associated IPs, along with corporate network and cloud network public IPs to give you a complete view of vulnerabilities.

Security Operations Centre

Our skilled security professionals operate 24/7 to monitor the health of your infrastructure and respond to issues.


Our scans and tests are based on up-to-date threat registries, ensuring coverage against ever-evolving threats.

ISO Accredited

Our Managed Security experts are ISO27001 accredited, using proven frameworks and procedures to remediate issues.


Vulnerability scans alone will not provide full security coverage. CT also provides penetration testing, red teaming along with vCISO advice and planning to uplift your security posture.

We partner with leading security vendors to give you the best protection available.

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