Our specialist Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIO)work with you to plan IT strategy for your organisation with a focus on reducing your business risks whilst improving your operational efficiency.

The CT Difference

Our vCIOs are strategic thinkers with a passion for IT Strategy and Digital Transformation. They take the time to understand your organisation, your goals, technical infrastructure and digital ambitions then provide tailored, strategic advice to your decision-makers on how to leverage technology throughout your business.

Our vCIOs leverage our vendor partnerships and industry knowledge to keep abreast of the latest technological changes, ensuring you always get the best, impartial advice. We help by providing:

IT Roadmap

Your vCIO will engage with the key stakeholders across your organisation to understand your IT Strategy and current state, then provide work with you to create your organisations' strategic IT roadmap.

Architecture Review

In conjunction with our Solutions Architecture Team, your vCIO will review your enterprise architecture, covering your core infrastructure, virtual servers and platforms to identify potential enhancements to your security posture cost models and overall performance.

System Review

When undertaking critical business systems and integration reviews, your vCIO will provide independent advice on technology suitability based on your needs and strategic goals.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation goes far deeper than just technology, requiring and user adoption across your organisation. Your vCIO helps implement the Define, Engage and Sustain (DES) framework, ensuring you track and measure the success of digital initiatives and improve customer experiences.

Our vCIOs support your organisation's strategic goals, including:

Business Continuity

We provide advice on creating and maintaining your BCP plan, including a Disaster Recovery Plan. We outline the mitigation steps and controls which to assist in the seamless execution of the restoration strategies.

Budget Planning

In addition to our technical and pricing expertise, we provide proven budget frameworks to assist your budget planning process.

Technology Adoption

Maximising the technology investments you make requires changes in culture, user training and internal communications. Your vCIO provides insights to ensure that new solutions are readily adopted.


Our vCIO's leverage CT's buying power to provide you with competitively priced hardware and software as required. We are vendor agnostic and recommend the right solutions based on your needs and budget.

Training and Development

Your vCIO can make recommendations on staff training requirements, and if using our Academy LMS, can tailor learning plans to meet your staff's technology maturity.

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