Our Unified Communications Service takes your communication channels such as phone, voicemail, instant messaging, video conferencing and emails into the cloud, giving you a single source of information that is available anytime, from anywhere.

The CT Difference

Our flexible unified communication packages are tailored to your needs to ensure effective collaboration. Our holistic approach to your organisation’s communication channels enhances coverage and quality, enables remote and mobile capabilities, addresses security challenges and enables a seamless user experience.

We combine all the tools you use to communicate across your business into one streamlined solution, to improve workflow, engagement and collaboration between your staff. We create a solution in which team members enjoy secure, reliable communication channels for exchanging ideas, conversations, data and files.

User Adoption

Through our Academy Learning Management System, we provide tailored learning programs for your staff to ensure maximum user adoption that enables them to collaborate efficiently.

Award-Winning Support

We bring Best-in-Class SLA's, combined with Award-Winning Customer Service, proactive monitoring and support to ensure a consistent and effective end-user experience.


Reduce risk with proactive security and compliance measures specially designed to scale with your organisation's technology goals and pathways transaction has been processed.


Our core network is one of Australia's most interconnected, meaning shorter packet times, increased reliability and levels of service unequalled in Australia. We provide the infrastructure to ensure your communications are clear and dependable.

Our Communications and Collaboration Service enables you to transform your employees' communications through intelligent technologies that suit to any workplace. There are many benefits to Unified Communications, including:

Lower Costs

Cloud-based Unified Communications allows you to scale your costs, in line with the business, ensuring you pay for only the capacity and services you need.

Mobile Workforce

Remote team members can collaborate easily, with the same benefits as on-premise staff.


Unified Communications allows team members to easily connect, share and collaborate, across many locations and devices.


With workflows and intelligent routing, never miss or lose a call and ensure customers get to the right person quickly.


Give team members an omnichannel view of their customer and respond via the customer's preferred methods.

We partner with leading communication vendors to tailor packages that meet your communication needs.

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