Architecture and Design

Leverage our dedicated inhouse architects to build architecture and design solutions that uplift your cyber security posture, while you remain as involved as you like in collaboration with our widely experienced professionals.



Establish the foundations of long-term cyber security success with our innovative architecture and design solutions. Our experience planning and executing for a variety of organisations allows us to meet your unique needs and objectives.

The architecture and design serve as the blueprint behind your security strategy. They play a pivotal role in integrating your people, controls, processes, business strategy, and IT environment to achieve security outcomes. An organisation with better cyber security also enjoys a stronger reputation with customers, employees, partners, and government agencies.

As a Managed IT Provider with award-winning customer service, we make sure to ratify all major decisions with you, allowing you to maintain ultimate control. Our fully resourced cyber security team is 100% focused on clients, ensuring they will never be understaffed or hindered by internal tasks.

Andrew Govell

Head of Cyber Security Services


Key benefits

Professional Expertise

Having successfully partnered with a multitude of organisations across the corporate, government and education sectors, we’ve seen and solved numerous cyber security issues and problems. Our breadth of experience enables us to deliver effective cyber security architecture customised for you.

Strategic Framework

By developing a cyber security architecture plan, you establish powerful structures, processes and framework that you can use over and over for long-term success in protecting your vital IT infrastructure and confidential and sensitive data.

Improved Business Outcomes

With more defined cyber processes and initiatives, you can deliver more structured and effective strategies. This means you repeatedly realise the benefits of greater revenue, reduced costs, improved efficiency, and faster implementation.

Organisational Engagement

We work with your whole organisation, including C-level leaders, to build an effective cyber architecture and design solution that adheres to your vision. This is an effective way to generate consensus and agreement between leadership and enable a more unified, productive cyber security approach for the future.

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