Our internal and external penetration testing identifies cyber-security threats to your organisation, giving you awareness and understanding of the issues.

The CT Difference

The increased frequency and sophistication of hacking techniques necessitates the continual testing of your organisation’s cyber defences to ensure your organisation is protected from the latest threats.

Our penetration testing provides the assurance you need as we test your network, devices, applications and cloud systems against the latest attack vectors. CT penetration testing strengthens your security posture through:

GAP Analysis

We test your existing defences and processes, identifying gaps and recommending remediations for them.

Complete Coverage

Our penetration testing covers your Network, Applications, Cloud Platforms as well as People & Processes to ensure all vulnerabilities are discovered and addressed.

Red Teaming

Red Teaming exercises demonstrate security flaws and vulnerabilities through controlled "hack" attempts of your systems and processes and people.

Security Culture

We test your organisation's security maturity through phishing, social engineering and password analysis, then make training and testing recommendations to uplift your security culture.

Our Penetration Testing Services help protect your organisation by providing:


If applying for compliance certificates such as ISO27001 or PCI-DSS, an independent penetration test is a crucial requirement for your application.

Independent Advice

Should CT already manage your IT environment, we partner with Trusted Impact to conduct your tests, ensuring independent review and ethical practice.

Phishing Tests

Your staff are usually the weakest link for a hacker to exploit. We test and target your team to ensure that their security focus is increased and can identify which staff need extra training and support.

ISO Accreditation

CT is an ISO27001 accredited provider, CT is uniquely placed to help organisations prepare for their ISO 27001 certification assessment.

We partner with leading security vendors to give you the best protection available.

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