An MPLS network enables the connectivity of multiple sites into a single private system, like running an extension cord from one location to another, reducing the ability for other factors on the Internet to impact the service.

The CT Difference

We utilise our MPLS Network for customers requiring connectivity at multiple sites or with certain types of hosted services to deliver a high performing and highly secure wide area network. Unlike most other Internet providers, our MPLS networks are not limited to utilising any single carrier’s infrastructure meaning that at each site we can source a connection from the most cost-effective carrier in the area and then aggregate these within the MPLS.

Our carrier-agnostic approach provides the added advantage of CT being able to deliver dual connections at any site with true carrier independence for added redundancy.

Highly Interconnected Network

To provide the very best experience possible, we operate one of the furthest reaching and most interconnected networks in Australia. Our global network reaches a large portion of major global internet hubs allowing us to achieve the most efficient routes and outstanding reliability.

Reduced Latency

Our network has been designed to maintain ultra-low latencies leading to a higher quality network being made available to you. As part of our network guarantees, we warrant that the latency from your CPE device to our core network will be less than 100ms when measured over a fifteen-minute average, with the exception being at times when your link is under high utilisation.

Multiple Technologies

Whether 4G, NBN, ADSL2+, EFM Ethernet over Fibre or Air Services, we have the ability to terminate all of these service types at any one of our POPs to build anything from a single internet connection to a highly redundant, multi-site MPLS network. Our market-leading uptime rates combined with a network that is used exclusively for enterprise-grade connections ensures that you will receive both a faster and more reliable internet connection.

Environmental Footprint

We believe that it is our responsibility to take ownership of the environmental impact of the services we offer and ensure we continuously strive to reduce the effects of such services. Our datacentres utilise renewable energy sources, including both solar and wind energy with a strong commitment from these facilities that they are striving to achieve 100% carbon neutral status by 2021.

Our MPLS offering provides:

Business Continuity

We offer business continuity planning through the ongoing review of our customers' services, combined with frequent testing to ensure confidence in your disaster recovery plans.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor customer environments on a 24×7 basis using a specialist toolset that provides up/down monitoring, warning, and unusual state detection, as well as patch management for the overall environment.

User Experience

By prioritising time-sensitive traffic such as VoIP, MPLS offers multiple Classes of Service, enabling you to apply separate settings to different types of traffic.

Bandwidth Utilisation

By putting multiple types of traffic on the same link, you can let high priority traffic borrow capacity from lower priority traffic streams whenever required.


MPLS reduces the amount of manual intervention your network provider has to do to create a WAN, reducing the likelihood of any error bringing down your network.

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