Managed SIEM

We’ve developed a Next Gen Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) platform to help you understand your current information security environment.



Our SIEM and SOC platform uses machine learning, behavioural analysis, data science techniques and threat intelligence to help you detect and defend against both known and unknown attacks.

The platform collates information from as many sources in your organisation as possible, before letting machine learning identify unusual behaviour and metrics to correlate them with cyber events and incidents.

Through these insights and metrics, we aim to deliver essential improvements to your organisation, including by reducing Mean Time To Detection (MTTD) and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR); decreasing the overall risk and impact of threat actors; and ensuring the resilience of operational activities to increase uptime.

Andrew Govell

Head of Cyber Security Services


Key benefits

Automated Processes

As a platform based on machine learning with automated processes, you can rest assured about the accuracy of our results. We provide insights on physical and virtual infrastructure, on-premises, and public and private clouds.

Business Services Insight

The most important but traditionally most overlooked aspect of SIEM is the insight into the true availability of your services, rather than your underlying systems. We have the capability to associate individual systems and tools with the end user experience, allowing us to deliver more holistic business analysis.

Instant Information

As the only provider with a distributed real-time event correlation engine, we can instantly detect and identify complex event patterns, building protection against cyber events that are still unfolding.

Intelligent Alerts

You can configure the reports to only receive alerts on events that require further investigation as we use an automated monitoring, correlation, and prioritisation system. We also provide monthly or quarterly reports and recommendations to requested users.

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