Our managed enterprise-grade internet service is customised to suit your organisation's specific requirements utilising a variety of carriers, including Telstra, Vocus, Optus, and NBN Business.

The CT Difference

Whilst it may seem like all Internet Service Providers, and Wide Area Network Service Providers offer the same product, nothing could be further from the truth.

There are several factors which impact the performance of a network, and we take great pride in ensuring our network is one of the best in Australia. As an aggregator of WAN services, we purchase layer two connections from all major carriers in Australia and terminate these at one of our Points of Presence (POPs). The flexibility of aggregating multiple independent carriers into a single private WAN network provides the highest levels of redundancy possible whilst maintaining a significantly cost-effective WAN network.

CT provides the following benefits in supplying your internet services:

Multiple Technologies

We supply internet services through 4G, NBN, ADSL2+, EFM, Ethernet over Copper, Fibre, Fixed Wireless Microwave, or Airservices, and can tailor a solution to meet your capacity and reliability requirements.

Proactive Monitoring

For our managed clients, our automated monitoring platforms alert our Network Operations Team should any anomaly occur.

Interconnected Network

With more than 1840 adjacent IPv4 Peers, our network is one of Australia's most interconnected, resulting in extremely efficient packet routing, improved speed and market-leading reliability.

DDoS Protection

Our upstream IP Transit networks utilise a global distributed denial of service protection capable of cleaning up to 100Gbps of attack traffic resulting in only clean traffic arriving at the target system mitigating the risk of a service outage.

Our Internet Services provide:

Leading Contention Ratios

Higher contention ratios restrict your maximum network speed, especially at peak times. Our business only service boasts a contention ratio of 1:1 for Fibre services, providing the speed and reliability you require.

Low Latency

Our network design ensures we maintain ultra-low latencies leading to a higher quality network being made available to you.

Environmental Footprint

We believe that it is our responsibility to take ownership of the environmental impact of the services we offer and ensure we continuously strive to reduce the effects of such services. 

User Experience

By prioritising time-sensitive traffic such as VoIP, we enable you to apply separate settings to different types of traffic to suit your needs.

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