Endpoint Detection, Protection and Response

The most popular target of cyber-attacks are your endpoints, such as desktops, laptops and mobile phones. Our solution can fortify your endpoints as the frontline of your overall cyber security strategy.



Endpoints usually present the easiest target to cybercriminals, so it is essential to make sure they’re well protected. Leveraging a single integrated Endpoint Detection and Protection and Response (EDR) platform, we deliver real-time, automated security, all on a predictable cost model with flexible deployment options.

We aim to protect your data, ensure system uptime, and preserve business continuity. Our experienced cyber security experts protect the full suite of endpoints, ranging from workstations to servers to point-of-sale and manufacturing controllers.

We rapidly identify, detect, respond to and block cyber-attacks targeting your endpoints. We can even recover those endpoints that have been already corrupted by malware by preventing data exfiltration, file tampering, and ransomware encryption.

Andrew Govell

Head of Cyber Security Services


Key benefits

Avoid Downtime

Unplanned downtime leads to unhappy customers, stressed employees, lost revenue, and a diminished reputation. As endpoints represent the most obvious target for cybercriminals, protecting them is key to maintaining your system’s uptime.

Protect Your Systems

Our EDR offering protects you by continually monitoring against unauthorised personnel, devices, and software; by detecting malicious code; and by only enabling trusted users to execute on systems.

Identify Threats Instantly

We enable you to monitor suspicious and unauthorised activity in real time and respond to them before they have a chance to corrupt your systems.

Automate Your Security

Our machine-learning antivirus engine stops malware before it executes, and you can quickly implement anti-malware protection for any endpoint group in your organisation without additional installation.

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