The digital economy and the way people work together, both as colleagues and customers is evolving rapidly. Successful organisations move fast, rely on customer data and automation, and embrace a culture of continual innovation.

The CT Difference

With CT as your digital transformation partner, you get the advice and support to fast-track practical innovation initiatives, build cultural change and inspire new ideas that help engage your customers, inspire new ways of working and drive efficiencies.

Our consultants and specialists help leading organisations create a confident digital future. We take a pragmatic, data-driven approach to ensure that your transformation programs effect positive change for you, your staff and your customers.

Domain Knowledge

We bring domain knowledge and best practice solutions to many domains, including Education, Government, and Enterprise.

Digital Focus

Digital should focus on the customer experience, not the technology. Our focus covers marketing, customer experience, governance to create holistic change.

Fast to Market

Our innovation framework and DevOps approach to deliver gets new ideas tested, implemented and proven quickly.

Digital Platforms

Benefit from our team's cumulative expertise, best practice and proven frameworks.

We support your Digital Transformation through:

Customer Experience

We research your customer and their brand touchpoints to boost brand loyalty, remove roadblocks and build value.

Digital Roadmap

We partner with your team to plan out the journey, the systems and structures you need to succeed. We foster new ways of working for your teams to deliver and evolve.


Properly leveraged, your data can foster innovation and provide new products, services and markets.

Cultural Change

Digital transformation requires a shift in the status quo. We work with your organisation to uplift your staff to meet the new way of working.

Governance and Risk

We work with you to protect your customer data and systems as you increase your digital maturity.

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