Data and Information Protection

Prevent the enormous costs of data breaches by proactively defending your data and information with our advanced range of solutions. Improve your compliance reporting and adhere to international governance standards by establishing data integrity and safety.



Protect your organisation’s data and information to ensure their confidentiality and integrity against malicious attackers. We implement a range of tools and solutions from industry-leading vendors to secure your data, whether on the cloud or on-premises, with comprehensive protection from the moment your employees start up their devices.

Our Data and Information Protection service offering prioritises the employee experience, making it as convenient as possible for your team members to protect themselves and your organisation. We build intelligent Information Rights Management (IRM) systems so your employees can adhere to regular workflows while bolstering your data protection.

Our solution integrates smoothly into common applications such as Microsoft Office, with automatic encryption at rest to prevent cyber criminals from accessing and understanding your data. We also offer an additional layer of protection by allow you to rapidly revoke access when employees leave.

Andrew Govell

Head of Cyber Security Services


Key benefits

Compliance Reporting

Data integrity is crucial to ensuring you remain compliant with international governance standards, and we help you deliver reports to meet your audit requirements. Our solutions also establish greater data visibility so your stakeholders remain informed of how your organisation handles and interacts with data.

Cost Benefits

Defending your data is one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make in your organisation. A data breach currently costs Australian organisations an average of $3.35 million, and each stolen or lost record is worth $163. Both those costs are rising every year. For some organisations, the even greater cost is lost time — data breaches take an enormous 211 days to contain and recover from.

User-Friendly Workflows

As an organisation built upon award-winning customer service, we prioritise the employee and client experience as our first priority. Your team members won’t need to jump through multiple hurdles to defend themselves. Instead, we’ve selected and developed a range of enterprise-grade security solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing networks, systems, processes, and applications.

Comprehensive Protection

We protect your data and information at all times, whether on the cloud, on-premises, at rest, in motion, or in use. In the modern remote and hybrid workplace environment, comprehensive data protection is critical to ensure you keep up with ever-changing requirements.

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