Our Cloud PABX solution provides unmatched functionality when compared to legacy on-premise solutions. By replacing your PABX infrastructure with IP Phones and SIP trunks, your organisation utilises your existing broadband to deliver a flexible, enterprise-grade service.

The CT Difference

With CT, your cloud based PABX service is built on one of Australia’s most interconnected networks, providing you with the speed, reliability and flexibility that your business needs to rely upon.

Our solution does away with the expenses and hassle of maintaining a traditional PABX system, leaving your staff free to focus on the business.

Powerful Features

Our Cloud PABX solution gives you all the functionality of a traditional phone system, along with mobile integration, unified messaging and desktop integration.

Award Winning Support

Access our award winning service desk for support when you need it.

Unified Communications

Improve productivity for your staff regardless of location. Integrate your voice calls and messages into an enterprise wide hub for a holistic customer view.


Our cloud-based PABX solutions scale as your business grows, avoiding costly investment in underutilised equipment.

Our Cloud PABX solutions bring many benefits including:


Scalable cloud-based VOIP and communications reduces your capital expenditure and your monthly costs by as much as 40%.


As long as your team members have access to broadband, they can access their communications suite from anywhere at anytime.

Network Quality

Our network is unparralled in Australia and we prioritise voice data packets, ensuring excellent sound quality.


Built in business continuity tools quickly and easily reroute calls should issues arise, keeping your business functioning smoothly.

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