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With the rising costs in the technology industry and the Great Resignation potentially around the corner, it can be difficult to hold on to your brightest IT team members.

Our Augmented Professional Services offering is designed to provide you with the ability to maintain a fully functioning technology team at short notice, especially over challenging or fast-paced periods such as the holidays.

Leveraging technology expertise in a variety of positions, we provide fully certified and enthusiastic professionals who can seamlessly work alongside your existing team members to meet your organisation’s IT needs.

Additionally, if you require more top-level assistance, we can engage one of our executives or strategic advisors to partner closely with you and comprehensively understand every aspect of your organisation. We will then provide recommendations and insights into how to improve efficiency with technology.

Key Benefits

Staff Augmentation

Bolster your IT team with certified and experienced professionals from one of Australia’s leading managed service providers.

Business Continuity

By engaging our Augmented Professional Services to boost your workforce, you can be confident that you’ll enjoy business continuity throughout the year.

Certified IT Expertise

Our IT experts complement their certifications with practical experience, so they can offer immediate hands-on assistance to meet your technology needs.

Customer Satisfaction

As a 9-time winner in customer service and an officially certified Great Place to Work, our professionals work seamlessly next to your existing team members.

Strengthen your IT workforce

Choose from a wide range of IT team members to support your team. As one of the leading managed service providers in Australia, we can provide expertise across various domains, including but not limited to:

Systems, Security and Networks Engineering

Our systems and networks engineering teams will design, build and maintain systems and networks for you. Our security engineering team proactively monitors and tests your software, networks and systems for breaches and vulnerabilities.

Project Management

The project management team manages your organisation’s projects to ensure the successful delivery of projects on time and within budget. You can also add Project Coordinators and Project Delivery Leads to assist with your organisation’s projects.

Software Development

In addition to writing and creating software, our software development team will research, design, test, implement, and manage software programs.

Desktop Support

Our desktop support team oversee and maintain computer hardware and software systems. They’ll assist you in resolving technical issues concerning your accounts or software infrastructure.

Systems Administration

Our systems administration team can oversee the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of your computer systems, especially multi-user computers such as servers.

Strategic Advice

We offer executives or Strategic Advisors to partner closely with you and oversee every aspect of your organisation, providing recommendations and advice to improve efficiency and performance.

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