We moved on from Dial-Up Internet, but why haven't your speeds?

Eliminate router rage with a complimentary WiFi User Experience Assessment from Aruba & CT

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Optimise your WiFi to accelerate workplace efficiency

While WiFi unquestionably has redefined the workplace and how we conduct our business, we are now freed from being tied to our desks to get things done and attend virtual meetings and opened the door to utilising mobile devices at a location of our choosing. But it does not come without its own share of headaches. Drop-outs and unreliable performance issues are a far too common occurrence for most of us.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Most issues relating to WiFi networks can be rectified through optimisation, and there is no better tool to achieve this than Aruba’s powerful User Experience Insights app.

Aruba UXI provides you with the tools to:

  • Deliver real-time monitoring of network experience from an end-user perspective
  • Measure and quantify the end-to-end performance of your WiFi network
  • Analyse the impact of your WiFi quality on end-user productivity
  • Test and identify incidents and issues that could impact WiFi performance and security
  • Identify actions needed to improve the WiFi experience and boost performance

Get started with a complimentary WiFi Experience Assessment from CT ($1,500 value)

The tech experts here at CT are excited about the value Aruba UXI can deliver to Australian businesses and are experienced professionals in WiFi optimisation. For a limited time, we are offering a complimentary WiFi Assessment valued at over $1,500 for Australian businesses who need more from their WiFi and fewer interruptions to the digital side of their workday.

The assessment consists of:


A CT professional will visit your workplace and assess the WiFi situation


The Aruba UXI device will be connected to your WiFi


The Aruba device will analyse a high-level view (with privacy ensured) of your network's performance for 1 week


CT will analyse and present the findings and next steps needed to optimise your network

Want some more info before starting your assessment? Download the UXI datasheet

Aruba UXI works as your ‘always-on’ remote network technician, bringing with it an extensive resume of skills and specifications. To learn more about your future network manager before giving it a trial, check out the datasheet for more details on this powerful application.

Download the UXI Datasheet